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To be the most distinguished medical equipment distributor in the healthcare sector in the Kingdom. To deliver the utmost level of customer satisfaction through highly skilled employees and quality service.


Team Work


Save patient lives by providing state of the art technologies, and deliver a variety of innovative treatment options tailored to healthcare professional needs.

Our Heritage
Jeddah to Manama

For over a century, the Naghi family has contributed to the healthcare industry and aspired to be the strongest market players in the Kingdom. Cigalah is jointly managed by Sh. Naghi’s four sons, each leading and operating a group of interdependent companies across the region, with a HQ in Jeddah. They lead a quality team that reflects record-breaking growth, business diversity and strong financial standing.

The Bahrain chapter in CGMED started in 2011, aspiring to expand success and dominate the GCC healthcare sector. We import, distribute, and customize a full range of healthcare products with outstanding quality, making us one of the few establishments that can secure and execute a turnkey project. Our solid partner relations include dental, pharma, furniture, chemicals, medical devices & laboratory equipment. A portfolio entailing governmental and private sectors is a testament to our service, ethics, and professional conduct. Every partner that we have is a long-term relationship that goes above and beyond the number of sales, maintaining utmost customer satisfaction and mint reputation.

“Cigalah is more than a name to us, it is an attribute of excellence that we are devoted to.”

Sh. Yasser Y. Naghi

“For over a century, the Naghi family has dealt in pharmaceutical and consumer products in Saudi Arabia, and as a result we have obtained in-depth distribution knowledge and strong market experience that qualifies us as one of the strongest market players in the Kingdom. This is reflected in our record-breaking growth and business diversity. We realize that our strength truly lies in the quality of our people hence our team members have been the corner stone of managing and developing our identity, one that they are proud to be a part of and carry its name.”

Dr. Hany Al Sayed

Cigalah’s journey in Bahrain has been a testament to the power of collective ambition. Under the esteemed leadership of Sheikh Yasser Al Naghi, we have carved a prominent space in the healthcare landscape, rising swiftly within a short period. Our lineage, however, extends back to 1998, rooted in the rich medical heritage of our parent company in Saudi Arabia.
At Cigalah, we believe in the symphony of diverse talents. That’s why we handpick our partners from the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, each a virtuoso in their own right. This elite collaboration fuels our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional care. Our team, driven by a shared passion for excellence, transcends expectations at every turn, ensuring your well-being is our paramount melody.

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